Individual transport racks from ESSELMANN enable you to store counters, bar tables and freezers in an orderly and space-saving manner. The sturdy stainless steel constructions can be manoeuvered by one person thanks to the practical heavy-duty castors. Additionally, fitted forklift shoes allow transport with a forklift truck. Special holders allow several transport racks to be placed on top of each other.
This saves you time and storage space.

Chest transport pallet

ESSELMANN has developed a special transport pallet to counteract the damage-prone storage and unsafe transport of freezers. This allows the freezer chests to be transported and stored safely. The transport pallet is easy to clean and very robust.

Transport pallet for bar tables

The transport pallets offer an ideal solution for transporting and storing your ESSELMANN bar tables. Up to 10 tables have space on the robust plastic pallet and are sufficiently fixed thanks to the adapted holder.

Transport racks for counters

From stainless steel counter to folding bar 2000, whether with hand basin or crowner. We offer you the right transport rack for every ESSELMANN counter.

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