By investing in an ESSELMANN refrigerated box, you create a value with a long service life at an advanced level, safe on the roads thanks to automatic brake force control with ABS and air suspension with lifting and lowering function. The flush rear portal enables problem-free and rapid loading of the refrigerated trailer. Thanks to the optional poured floor and the sealed interior, ESSELMANN refrigerated trailers meet the highest hygiene standards and allow for easy cleaning. State-of-the-art insulation as well as cooling technology make the refrigerated box an energy-efficient cooling capacity with storage space for up to 12 pallets. Adapt your new trailer to your needs and benefit from the wide range of equipment options.


The KN9 is a turntable drawbar trailer with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 10.9t. Equipped with air suspension and load securing, your goods will reliably reach their destination. The ESSELMANN twin cooling system with two independent cooling circuits ensures sufficient cooling capacity even at high outside temperatures. The poured synthetic floor, which can be optionally sanded to make it even more slip-resistant, provides a particularly even floor surface. The robust stainless steel rear portal with double wing door withstands even heavy loads. On request, we offer an additional door on the right-hand side in the direction of travel.


perm. total weight: 10,900kg

Body length: 8,000mm

Cooling capacity: 15 pallet spaces / 6,950 kg


The KN7 central axle trailer is equipped with a height-adjustable drawbar. With a permissible total weight of 10.5 t, up to 6,500 kg payload can be transported. The refrigerated box has an air suspension and load safety device. As with the KN9, a poured synthetic floor ensures an absolutely flat surface and can be optionally sanded for greater slip resistance. Equipped with the powerful ESSELMANN twin cooling system, your goods remain well cooled even at high outside temperatures. The stainless steel rear portal with double doors is robust and stands up to the rigours of everyday work. On request, we also offer an additional door on the right-hand side in the direction of travel for the KN7 refrigerated box.


perm. total weight: 10,500kg

Body length: 6,400mm

Cooling capacity: 12 pallets / 6,500 kg

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