When large cooling capacity is required in combination with efficient logistics, ESSELMANN’s set down cooling systems score points. Quickly picked, transported, loaded and unloaded, they are the workhorses of your beverage logistics. Thanks to the low loading height, loading and unloading is ergonomic and safe even under difficult conditions. No licence plate – no costs. On the economic side, a set down refrigerated container pays off, as running costs such as vehicle taxes and insurance as well as the costs of the main inspection are eliminated. In addition to the standard, customs solutions are also possible based on our modular system. Whether cooling capacity, load securing systems or the arrangement of the doors – all important aspects can be adapted to your requirements and logistical circumstances.


The AKN7400 is a BDF swap body with hydraulic supports and a complete in-house development by ESSELMANN. With an internal 4-column hydraulic system, the refrigerated container can be raised and lowered completely automatically. The system automatically levels itself optimally, even with uneven weight distribution. The AKN7400 is an ideal refrigerated and event container and can also be used for sensitive goods or fixtures. The solid body in framework construction as well as the innovative load securing concept has proven itself with our customers and has been in use for many years.


Length outside appr. 7,400 mm inside appr. 7,250 mm

Width outside appr. 2,550 mm inside appr. 2,430 (2,200 mm*)

Height outside appr. 2,700 mm inside appr. 2,300 mm

Loading height in lowered mode: appr. 290 mm

*in the area of the hydraulic cylinders

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    Hook roll-off container in robust design to be transported with all common hook roll-off trucks. Optionally with side or rear doors. A wide range of load securing options.


    Type AKC 2500 roll-off subframe according to DIN 307722

    Length outside 6,273 mm inside 6,150 mm
    Width outside 2,550 mm inside 2.444 mm
    Height outside 2,455 mm inside 2,200 mm
    from upper edge floor

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